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Frequently Asked Questions
Common Questions We Receive


There are NO CREDIT CHECKS with Rental Partners. Simply fill out an information sheet from one our dealers and meet the required points total for approval!

Rental Partners does not accept extra money down, however, we can accept money upfront as Pre-Paid Rent

Rental Partners only requires First and Last month’s rent to be paid prior to delivery of the building. Your last month’s rent will be held in lieu of a deposit and will apply to the last month of your contract.

Rental Partners Allows you to own your building early by paying off a percentage of the remaining balance of the contract. Please refer to the “right to pay early” section of your rental purchase agreement for more details.

With dealer and Rental Partners Approval, your dealer will be able to move your building anywhere you would like. Fees may apply, see Dealer for details. You CANNOT move your building on your own without approval.

This transaction is not considered a loan, so there is no interest or principal. Each payment is considered rent towards the total purchase price – over the term you choose.

You can terminate your contract at any time that you are current on your monthly rental payments. Simply call (888) 888-2823 and speak with a Rental Partners representative, as other fees may apply.

The LDW (Liability Damage Waiver) is protection for your building under certain circumstances out of your control such as fire, windstorm, or hail damage. If you have the LDW you will be covered for the remaining total balance due of your contract.

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