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What Container is right for you?

Shipping Container Specifications

Rental Partners specializes in offering 20′ and 40′ storage containers on a Rent-To-Own payment plan. Below we outline the dimensions and specifications of each size of container. When you are ready to buy, give us a call and we will connect you with a dealer local to your area. If you have any questions, please call us at 888-888-2823.

20ft Standard Containers

  • 20’L x 8′ 6″ x 8’W
  • 4,500 lb Empty Weight
  • 146 Sqft Floor Space
  • 1,165 Cubic Ft

40ft Standard Containers

  • 40’L x 8’6″H x 8’W
  • 8,300 lb Empty Weight
  • 305 Sqft Floor Space
  • 2,390 Cubic Ft

40ft High Cube (HC) Containers

  • 40’L x 9’6″H x 8’W (one foot taller)
  • 8,775lb Empty Weight
  • 305 Sqft Floor Space
  • 2,700 Cubic Ft

Shipping Container Conditions

New or “1-Trip”

  • This is the best condition container offered
  • These containers have only been used one time from the container manufacturer

Cargo Worthy (CW)

  • Cargo Worthy containers can be recertified to go back into cargo transportation use
  • These are a step up from Wind and Water Tight (WWT)

Wind and Water Tight (WWT)

  • These containers have exhausted their time being used as cargo transport
  • Free from rodents and weather, this container can safely store any personal items that you need.

Things to Consider

In addition to condition, there are many things to consider when purchasing a storage container. You will need to take into account that the delivery truck will need extra room to deliver. Usually a driver needs 75′ of straight access to deliver a 20′ container and 100′ of straight access to deliver a 40′ container.

Storage containers are versatile and can be used in many climates. It is important to make sure all water is directed away from the ground of the container. You want a flat, hard and compact surface for the container to sit on. We recommend placing wood, concrete blocks or railroad ties underneath the container.

Ready to Buy? Let’s solve your storage needs!

Click the link below to complete your No Credit Check application for a Rent To Own Storage Container. Once completed, a Rental Partners associate will call you within 1 business day to approve your application. We will connect you with a local dealer in your area that will deliver the container.


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